Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Mini-Facelift

Saturday, while trying to find more room to store things in our kitchen, I decided to move the board games we stored on the top shelf of our kitchen cupboards to the new, bigger closet in my son's room.

Most people would probably have moved the games, dusted the shelf and put everything away. Simple enough, and would have taken about 15 minutes, tops.  When I moved the untouched-in-years games, though, it knocked dust and grime down onto the dishes on the next shelf.  So, I emptied that shelf.  Now the cupboard is half empty, and I'd been thinking of removing the doors and just having the open shelving, so off come the doors.

With the doors off, the old shelf paper and over-zealous spray-foam job done to fill in cracks along the back wall were too obvious.  Hmmm, what's a girl to do?  Put the doors back on?  No!  I emptied the rest of the shelves, grabbed an old roll of wall paper and lined the back and shelves of the cupboards with it.  After weeding out a few things to give away, I put everything back neatly,or semi-neatly.  I still need to find a better way to organize the spices.

Here's the end result:

Not too bad, and I finished just in time for dinner.


Now my food cabinets are bugging me.  I've seen how nice the dishes look, and I know my food is unorganized and stuff gets "lost" in there, so after I eat I start empting those three cupboards as well.  I'm almost out of the wall paper, and so I'm left trying to come up with something I have a massive quantity of to paper the shelves and back wall.  My solution: Christmas wrapping.  I know, it's not exactly BH&G, but it is for the food pantry where stuff might spill and the paper might need changed more often.  Plus, it's relatively cheap, I had it on hand, and I can be impatient.  And I like red.  Here's the end result:

Please ignore the stuff still on the cabinet, and the fact that I cut the paper a little short on the top three shelves.  It was late, and my son was "helping" more on this side.

Overall, I like the look.  With the doors off, I have to look at any mess in there, so I'm hopingthis will help me keep things a little more organized, too.   I may still go back and fill and paint where the hinges attached.  We do plan to move the kitchen in the (hopefully not too distant) future, though, so I probably won't rush on that.

Yesterday I spent the day recovering and doing laundry.  My legs and arms are SORE from climbing up and down and reaching and lifting all day.  I also had to scrape about fifteen layers of paint off the hinges before the screws were even visible, so my hands are sore, and I'm wondering just how much lead was in the paint I inhaled while I worked.

It looks nice, though, so I think it was all totally worth it.

Have a great day!